was established by a trio of building industry professionals who have a combined experience of over 60 years in the industry.

It became obvious to us that clients embarking on a building project often found it very difficult to get realistic and competitive quotes that were easy to understand and compare against other quotes. It also became evident that many clients felt out of their depth when undertaking a building project and were worried about costs blowing out and generally felt overwhelmed by all the decisions they had to make.

Our aim is to educate clients and help them better understand the building and quoting process so that they can make smarter and more informed decisions during their building project -saving them time and money.

What makes unique?

Our customised ProSpex tool allows clients to select a comprehensive list of inclusions that they wish to include in their building quotes. We’ve all heard stories about budget overruns and hidden costs that crop up on building projects. ProSpex factors in all the relevant inclusions upfront to minimise hidden costs – giving you peace of mind that the quotes you receive are comprehensive and realistic.

We are solely focused on the building industry and we are ideally suited to most residential projects including new homes, extensions and internal renovations. is 100% Australian owned and operated; we know the local market. We are experts in the building industry providing a service that helps people take control of their building projects.

The people behind buildingquote

Adam Hobill – Founder & Director

A three time winner of the HIA Residential Building Designer of the Year, Adam has operated a multi-award winning building design practice for the past 14 years and still has a desire to deliver excellent design and foster good client relationships. He is the current President of the ACT & Region branch of Building Designers Australia. He is the author of ‘Nail It! Take control of your building project and save thousands’.

Angela Knock – Director

Angela is the Director of Plan It Green, an ACT & Southern NSW based building design practice specialising in sustainable residential design and is the current Vice President of the ACT & Region branch of Building Designers Australia. Angela comes from a strong creative background and has over 10 years experience in building design. She is passionate about good design and the role it can play in improving people’s lives.