How to eliminate budget blow-outs

Unfortunately, your drawings alone are simply not enough for builders to quote your project. Sure, they’re great for telling builders how big the house is going to be, where the kitchen and bathroom are located, and what the walls and roof are made from; but the plans by themselves do not tell the builders about the fittings, finishes and materials that make the house your home. The plans simply aren’t detailed enough to include all the things that make your house stand apart from other homes, or the things you expect to be included in the quote. Too often, that leads to crippling budget blow-outs and conflict with the builder.

I know that even the most detailed set of plans I produce will generally have 30-40 important pieces of information missing; simply because there are some things that don’t get shown on a drawing. If these things aren’t shown, how can a builder possibly prepare a quote that is thorough and accurate? How can you expect to easily compare one quote from the next, apples with apples?

You’ll need an Inclusions Schedule. Simple!… read my recent article to find out more.